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Cách sử dụng LITTLE, A LITTLE, FEW, A FEW trong TOEFL ITP- TOEFL ITP Nguyễn Đức Mùi

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-Little + danh từ không đếm được: rất ít, không đủ để (có khuynh hướng phủ định)

EX: I have little money, not enough to buy groceries.

-A little + danh từ không đếm được: có một chút, đủ để

EX: I have a little money, enough to buy groceries

-Few + danh từ đếm được số nhiều: có rất ít, không đủ để (có khuynh hướng phủ định)

I have few books, not enough for reference reading

-A few + danh từ đếm được số nhiều: có một chút, đủ để

EX: I have a few records, enough for listening.

-Trong một số trường hợp khi danh từ ở trên đã được nhắc đến thì ở phía dưới chỉ cần dùng little hoặc few như một đại từ là đủ.

EX: Are you ready in money. Yes, a little.

Quite a few (đếm được) = Quite a bit (không đếm được) = Quite a lot (cả hai) = rất nhiều.

-Chú ý:

+ Few, a few có thể là danh từ hay đại từ

+ Little có chức năng làm trạng từ

Luyện tập

“Hãy tập trung vào đáp án có từ little/ a little/ few/ a few để nhớ kiến thức của chuyên đề này”

1. Because they are generally taken simply to obtain a recognizable and relatively clear image, most nonprofessional photographs demand few equipment.

2. Jackie Mclean’s recordings have shown that he is one of the few jazz musicians who style A B of playing has kept pace with the evolution of modern jazz.

3. All birds, alike most reptiles and a few primitive mammals, develop from embryos in eggs outside the mother’s body.

4. Over the past few year, many towns in the United States have been joining with neighboring communities to share the costs of government.

5. Most countries depend to few extent on cereal imports to augment their own crops.

6. Today, modern textile mills can manufacture as much fabrics in a few seconds as it once took workers weeks to produce by hand.

7The Dinee, a Native American people of the southwestern United States, were once seminomadic hunters who practiced a few agriculture.

8.Many museums have been founded by private benefactors, and a few have received endowments that help to support theirs routine operations.

9. The southwestern portion of the United States is a land of little rain, and parts of it are too dry that they are called deserts.

10. Like the giant reptiles, most lineages of organisms have eventually become extinct; still some exist that have changed very little in millions of year.

11. Visibly only through large telescopes, Pluto has a yellowish color, which indicates that there is very little atmosphere.

12. Many of species of milkweed are among the most dangerous of poisonous plants, while others have little, if any, toxicity.



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